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Foundation Stage (EYFS) Long Term Plan 2018-2019




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Term 1 Topic Plan For Parents


Term 1 – Bears

This term we've been learning about bears.  We each have our own Willesborough school bear and they've been helping us settle in so nicely!  They've helped us explore our classroom and get to know the school.

We have been reading lots of different stories about Bears.  We read Goldilocks and made our own porridge and decided which was the tastiest.  We helped the Bears to sort out their house and ordered the objects from smallest to largest! 

When we read Whatever Next we loved "going to space."  We made our own rockets using different materials - take a look at our great designs!  We practiced recognising the different shapes when doing this and have got really good at remembering the different shape names.









 Thank you to everybody that came to the Teddy Bear's picnic.  We loved preparing the biscuits to share with you!  All the children did so well performing their Bear songs!




 Term 2 Topic Plan For Parents


Term 2

We have loved learning all about Bonfire night.  We hosted a workshop where children were able to make fantastic fireworks with their grown ups.  Look at their super work!  We've also been busy counting fireworks and writing about the sounds that they make!



As part of our topic on "terrific transformations" we have been thinking all about seasonal change. We have been enjoying reading "Percy the Park Keeper" and were excited to find that some of Percy's animals could come and visit us!  We got to see a Rabbit, an Owl, a Mouse, a Duck and a Hedgehog and learnt lots about each animal!



We have been exploring different seasonal vegetables and used them to make soup for The Gruffalo!  We enjoyed tasting it and left it out for The Gruffalo to eat!"




Term 3 Topic Plan For Parents


This term Foundation Stage are thinking about what we'd like to be when we grow up.  We have been lucky enough to have lots of visitors that have come in to see us.  We had a visit from a Bus driver, who took us on a very exciting ride!  We learnt about all of the features of the bus and what the driver does each day.  Afterwards we were keen to make our own buses too - look at our super creations!


We have been learning about the Police as part of our topic "When I grow up."  Our local PCSO came in to see us and talked to us about his work!  We loved seeing his police car!



Green Week

As part of the school's "Green Week" we had a great Junk modelling workshop with some parents. We've learnt all about recycling and have been thinking about how we can re-use items.  We turned our rubbish into some fantastic creations - take a look at some!




Term 4 Topic Plan For Parents


Term 4

This Term's topic is Dinosaur Island.  We discovered the story of a secret island that still contains Dinosaurs! We worked collaboratively to make our own island.  They contained so many different features - volcanos, waterfalls swamps and much more! 



 We have been exploring all kinds of different artefacts!  We have dug up and dusted off "eggs", "bones" and "fossils."  We have been like real palaeontologists.



We have also enjoyed weighing bones using balance scales . The biggest bone weighed the same as 20 cubes!





Term 5 Topic Plan For Parents

Term 5

This term our topic is about Minibeasts!  We have loved getting outdoors and have particularly enjoyed tending our garden and can't wait for the vegetables to grow.  We have been planting, watering and weeding.  We can't wait to taste some of the carrots or peppers!

We loved completing our Minibeast Madness day with our grown ups.  We worked hard to complete the different challenges and really enjoyed singing our minibeast songs to you!






Term 6 Topic Plan For Parents

Term 6

This term we are learning about all kinds of different magical lands.  We have loved reading "The Bog Baby" and have been making our own - take a look!  We have been practicing describing them and have done some super writing!


We have also shown a real interest in fairy stories and have enjoyed making our own fairy gardens outside.