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Year three will be an exciting year for your children, with lots of wonderful learning opportunities.  We are very much looking forward to getting to know you as we all work together to provide the best possible learning and support for your children.

Meet the Year 3 team                               

Rowling Class
Miss Georgie Barrett
TA: Mrs Nisha Tewari

Browne Class
Mrs Sarah Wealand
TA: Mrs Sandra Lansana

Dahl Class

Mr Tom Head & Mrs Shelly King

TA: Mrs Sarah Gilfillan

Walliams Class
Miss Dani Spry
TA: Mrs Mamta Pimple

Learning Support:  Hollie Kennett, Shelley Hall and Louise Head.  HLTA:  Carolyn Ridgeway


The School Day

Ensuring that your child has had a good night’s sleep, has eaten breakfast and arrives at school on time is the best possible start to a day of learning.  To help them maintain this good start, children may bring a healthy snack of fresh fruit or vegetables, which they can eat during the morning break.  In addition, we encourage children to also bring a bottle of water from which they may drink in the classroom (no flavoured water, squash or juice please).

8:55am – start of day (the Year Three gate opens from 8:40am) 
3:15pm – end of day (please collect your child from the Year Three gate)          



At Willesborough Junior School, we have the exciting reading challenge!  Children are required to read their library books 4 x 20 minutes each week.  Each ‘read’ needs to be signed into their reading record book by you.  I have attached the reading challenge leaflet with more information.  Children must bring their reading books and records into school every day.

Home Learning

Weekly home learning tasks intended to support and consolidate classwork, will be set. Home learning will be given on a Thursday and collected the following Tuesday. Each week, your child will be given:






These need to be learnt by heart.


A maths task to complete in their maths homework book.


Please select one activity from the Topic grid to complete each week in their Topic homework books.

In addition, children will be required to practise multiplication and division facts, using the fun Times Table Rockstars website, each week for 15 minutes.




Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school at all times.  This includes shorts, t-shirt, plimsolls and tracksuit trousers - all named please.  Earrings need to be taken out for PE. 

The children do not need to bring their own pencil cases to school. All stationery will be provided.


Please ensure all of your children’s clothing/items brought into school are named.


Dates for your Diary

Please read the school newsletters and events leaflets to keep updated with events and dates for your diary.



We’re Here To Help

All that we do is with your child’s best interests at heart.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have a question or concern that you would like to discuss with us.  You should go to your child’s class teacher first. Miss Barrett, the Year 3 Team Leader, can offer you further assistance concerning year group matters.


Year 3 Topic Map Term 1

Term 1 - Year Three Rocks!

This term we've been learning all about the Stone Age.  We have been reading lots of different stories about the Stone Age, which have been very enjoyable.  After reading ‘Stone Age Boy’, we were inspired to write our own stories set in the Stone Age and did some research about life in the Stone Age.  We also pretended that we had stumbled upon an archaeological site and made lots of inferences about Stone Age artefacts.

We all thought, “What’s going on!?” when we arrived at school to find out it was Stone Age Day.  We went a whole day without technology and electricity – which was very strange!  What a fantastic day we had taking part in lots of different activities including cave painting using natural materials, creating Stone Age houses, communicating without words and going foraging for food.

We have all been very excited to start learning to speak another language.  We have been trying our best to learn how to introduce ourselves in French and trying our hardest with our French accents.  As scientists this term, we have been intrigued to find out about palaeontologist Mary Anning and how her important discoveries have helped change the way that we see the world!


Year 3 Topic Map Term 2

Term 2 - Lights, Camera, Action

Wow!  What an exciting term we have had with so much new learning!  We have been inspired to write our own action stories based on ‘The Lego Movie’, and even created our own characters and settings.  We had a huge variety of settings from a candy world to a space themed land, which made for very exciting reading.

We have been learning about the history of animation and made our very own flip-books.  After this, we decided to use software to make the animation process easier, and now know what “onion skinning” is! What fantastic animations we produced, including a Wild Western themed story and a boxing match idea. Using Lego to create stop-motion movies has been very enjoyable too. 

We have been learning how to play the Ukulele, which has been a particular highlight of the term!  It was surprisingy how quickly we all managed to learn different chords and begin to play songs using the chords. Our French is developing well and we are now able to listen to classroom instructions in French as well as name some of our body parts!  We also learnt about the artist Lichtenstein and pop art.  We are proud of our pop art self-portraits which are on display in our Year group area.


Year 3 Topic Map Term 3


Harry Potter Day