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Term 1 Topic Plan for Parents September 2020

Term 1

Year 1 have started the year off with a roaring start as we have been thoroughly enjoying our ‘Hiss, Roar, Squawk!’ topic.  During our science lessons, we have looked a different ways in which animals can be classified and the features of each of these classifications.  Did you know that a whale is a mammal even though it lives in the sea?  Or that reptiles can be identified by their smooth, scaly skin and ability to lay eggs? Year one found out these facts by reading a range of insightful non-fiction texts.  The children then applied this knowledge to create their very own class book which demonstrated each classification of animal alongside a range of facts for each animal group.

After enjoying the popular Simon James text, ‘My Friend Whale’, the children have explored what it means for animals to be ‘endangered’ and how we can help make a difference towards the preservation of endangered animal species.  During our English lessons, the children created informative posters that explained how we can shape the future to protect endangered animals.

Following on from this, year 1 children became part of the climate change movement by taking litter pickers around the school to collect rubbish.  We found a whole bin bag full!


Term 2 Topic Plan for Parents November 2020



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Here is a power point you may like to share with your child. It will help them to understand what Covid - 19 is and help them with their worries. Click below

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