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Term 1 Topic Plan for Parents September 2020

Term 1

Year 2 have had an exciting and busy first term.  In science we have been exploring the school grounds to find examples of things which are living, dead or have never been alive.  We looked at different habitats and micro-habitats and identified the animals and plants living there.  We wanted the children to reflect on their year 1 learning by recalling what they learnt about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  We then built on this knowledge and understanding by introducing them to the idea of food chains.  The children were able to make connections to their learning on habitats by identifying that the sources of food within a food chain would have to be present within a particular animal’s habitat or micro-habitat. 

Who would have believed that Shrek would feature in our English lessons?  Well he did and we loved the engaging writing topic!  We also had a yummy time in English when we looked at the story of The Gingerbread Man and the Runaway Pancake.

Puppets have been around for many, many years and we all love them.  In history we wanted the children to learn about puppets in the past and why they are still so popular today.  In design and technology we wanted the children to learn some basic sewing techniques and other simple ways of joining materials.  We all enjoyed making a range of different puppets including sewing and decorating a felt hand puppet and making a puppet with a lever.

We had a fantastic treat when we were visited by Wishworks who performed the live puppet show ‘Goldifox’. This inspired us to use the puppets we had designed and made to create our own puppet shows.  


Term 2 Topic Plan for Parents November 2020

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Here is a power point you may like to share with your child. It will help them to understand what Covid - 19 is and help them with their worries. Click below

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